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Are you aware of what a toothache consists of? A toothache arises when an abscessed tooth is infected. If the infection begins to spread, it can ultimately result in the death of the tooth. Frequently, toothaches are caused by tooth decay, cracked teeth, and gum disease. To determine if you have a toothache, think about any accidents or injuries that may have occurred recently and look for signs of damage.

Common forms of a toothache arise when severe pain continues to be felt even after using over-the-counter medications. If you have recently had a tooth extraction and the area continues to cause you pain 24 hours after the tooth has been pulled, it could be linked to a toothache. Other common symptoms associated with toothaches include inflammation and swelling in your face, unexplained fevers, noticeable discharge around a tooth, or facial rashes.

If you have recently suffered from an oral accident or injury and a tooth has either been knocked out or severely damaged, you will be at an increased risk for toothaches. Other common ailments that can arise and lead to damage to your teeth include TMJ disorders, issues associated with wisdom teeth eruption, and blunt trauma.

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