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Having sensitive teeth makes it hard to accomplish simple daily tasks like eating, drinking, and sometimes even speaking. Tooth sensitivity has several potential causes; it is important to seek dental advice as soon as possible to determine the reasons for the sensitivity so an appropriate care plan can be put in place.

Some of the possible causes of tooth sensitivity include: effects of an eating disorder, gastric reflux, worn or fractured enamel, cavities, general dental erosion (typically due to acidic foods and drinks), or gum recession. Dr. Michael Lemme can help determine the cause of the sensitivity and give treatment recommendations. Some potential treatments include:

-Professional Cleaning: If the sensitivity is centered around the gums, a professional cleaning can help reduce plaque buildup and reduce gum sensitivity.

-Desensitizing Toothpaste: Some toothpastes can actually block the nerves that contribute to sensitivity. Apply regularly.

-Fluoride: If dental erosion is the main culprit for your sensitivity, the addition of fluoride could help rebuild your lost enamel. Fluoridated water is available to approximately 75% of the United States. Fluoridated toothpaste is another great way to introduce fluoride.

-Root Canal: If your sensitivity is focused in one tooth, and other treatments aren’t working, it may be that the tooth’s pulp has been damaged. In this case, Dr. Michael Lemme may recommend root canal therapy. Talk with your dentist for more information.

Be aware that if you fail to care for your teeth, the sensitivity may return. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. For more information, call Michael Lemme DDS in Oak Harbor, Washington, at 360-675-3334. Dr. Michael Lemme and our team are happy to help you!