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If you are interested in dental implants to replace the missing teeth in your smile, you are not alone. Over the years, dental implants have become very popular. Since they are placed on titanium posts that have been implanted directly into the jawbone, they are very sturdy. The artificial teeth look very natural and blend well with the rest of a person’s smile. Because they are placed in the jawbone, the implants can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth.

Implants will work well for most people. However, before you move ahead with the procedure, you should talk with your dentist about your medical history, the medications that you are taking, and your personal habits.

A person who is receiving dental implants must have healthy gums and enough jawbone to support them. In some cases, damaged gums and problems with your jaw can be corrected with surgery. Since placing the posts is a surgical procedure, people with hemophilia may want to consider another tooth replacement method.

If you have an immune disorder, or you take immunosuppressants, you may want to consider a bridge or dentures. If you have had chemotherapy or radiation treatments for your head or neck, implants may not be for you. A person who has uncontrolled diabetes may not be a suitable implant candidate.

One of the most important factors in implant success is a person’s commitment to the process. You must be willing to follow the dentist’s postoperative and follow-up instructions, and must also be willing to follow a good oral hygiene regimen. Failure to do any of these things could result in the failure of your implants.

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