Your child’s temporary teeth are important to their oral health and development. Strong, healthy teeth are needed to help them develop proper chewing and speaking skills. The temporary teeth also serve as a guide for the eruption of the permanent teeth. Even though they will eventually fall out, it is important to keep your child’s temporary teeth safe from baby bottle tooth decay.

Also known as early childhood caries, baby bottle tooth decay is tooth decay that occurs in the mouths of infants and toddlers. It received its name from the frequency of children developing cavities as a result of prolonged exposure to sugary drinks. Tooth decay occurs when cavity-causing bacteria remains on the teeth for an extended period of time, such as putting a child to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. Tooth decay can also be transferred from caretaker to infant through saliva, which is why we advise again sharing utensils with your child or sucking on their pacifier to clean it.

To keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong, our dentist at Lemme Dental Studio recommends only giving your child water between meals, not sharing spoons, encouraging excellent hygiene habits, and taking your child to visit the dentist regularly. You are welcome to reach out to Dr. Michael Lemme and our team at 360-675-3334 with any questions about baby bottle tooth decay in Oak Harbor, Washington.