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Oral accidents are injuries that can occur from out of nowhere and happen in an instant. This can include damage to your teeth caused by foods you eat or activities you are involved in. No matter how amazing your oral health care is, a single bad accident and destroy your smile, so it is vital to take the time to prepare for and prevent oral accidents.

Protect your summer smile with these important oral emergency tips:

Objects stuck in teeth:

– If an object has become lodged in your teeth, try using specific interdental cleaners to remove the object, including dental floss or a water flosser, but never use a sharp or pointed tool to try and remove the object.

Bad bites:

– If you bite your tongue and lip, rinse out your wound and your mouth to ensure it is clean, and apply gauze until the bleeding stops or if it is deep a deep wound, stitches may be required.

Lost Tooth:

– If a tooth is knocked out, it may be possible to save it for re-insertion later by placing the tooth in a tooth-saving substance, such as Save-A-Tooth or milk, and keep it moist until you can visit your dentist to reset it back in your mouth.

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