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Every year, serious oral injury can occur when athletes don’t wear sports mouth guards. In fact, more than 200,000 oral injuries every year are prevented with these protective oral appliances, reports the American Dental Association. We encourage you to take preventive measures against dental injury during a sports game by wearing a sports mouth guard that cushions your teeth and jaws.

Sporting activities of all kinds merit the use of a mouth guard, including football, tennis, soccer, baseball and gymnastics, because a sports mouth guard can prevent a ball or elbow from causing serious dental damage. This includes tooth fracture, displacement or loss, bitten cheeks and lips and jaw fracture.

You have a variety of options for sports mouth guards, such as a cheap and basic mouth guard purchased at a sporting goods stores.You can also purchase a boil and bite mouth guard that is softened in hot water and molded into your smile for each use. If you want a custom-made sports mouth guard that is comfortable, fits well and doesn’t impede speech or breathing, we invite you to visit our dentist at Michael Lemme DDS for a custom appliance.

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